About Polly’s

When starting this journey, we were not quite sure what to name this venture. It was getting close to opening and we were working round the clock to get everything done. We brought our dog Polly with us as she loved having the run of the place and checking everything out. One afternoon, a delivery man came in and said, “Wow, she acts like she owns the place.” And there it was…..Polly’s Bywater Cafe was born.

Focusing on fresh, local ingredients our dishes are made from scratch. Polly's Bywater Cafe serves up breakfast, brunch and lunch options a little bit differently by serving creole-inspired food elevated above your average fare.  Located in the historic Bywater neighborhood the light, airy atmosphere highlights our unique take on long time staples.  Our take on comfort food is a fresh addition to New Orleans’ robust cuisine scene.

Also take a moment to enjoy the display of art works from some of our local artists. New Orleans is known for its food, art, and fun and it starts right here!

By the way, all the art is for sale if you see something that must go home with you. Ask your server and they will be happy to help you.